Our Community

Welcome to Virtuality……where each individual is considered a very important part of our community.  When that individual feels comfortable in a place they choose to call “home”, amazing things happen.

Below are regions created by our members for everyone’s enjoyment.


Cym Cariad Bike Tracks

Exciting full sim race tracks for bikes only with helicopter rides and Rave warehouse streaming techno 24-7!!

If you do crash badly please stand and try to delete your bike but no worries… old scrap and bodies collected regularly.

Cym Cariad Quay

Shanti and Sam welcome you to Cym Cariad Quay. Masses of building FREEBIES in the Emporium although most everything everywhere is full perm. Exploration is recommended as Cym Cariad Quay is also a ‘Golden Egg’ sim. The Golden Egg is laid once every week and the finder will win at least V$500. Enjoy yourselves and have fun.


A beautiful and friendly place to hangout and listen to jazz music. There is a pool, a dancefloor, a Fun Dice table, beautiful garden and relax ambiente.

Southern Oasis

Grab a horse and take a stroll on a country road. There are so many things to see along the pathways. Cruise the underground tunnels on horseback that take you to hidden treasures and so much more! From cuddles to XXX. Here you can find out why “Southern Hospitality” has been loved around the virtual worlds for more than a decade. Ya’ll come!! We will leave the light on for ya!


Sommerland is owned by Imala Sommer.
It’s a very nice sim in fantasy and medieval style.
Here you will also find the main shop of Imala’s Design.
There you can buy beautiful things from fantasy, medieval, to modern style.
Everyone is welcome to go shopping or just to relax.

Bayern 1 - 4

These 4 regions are public and all that enjoy either the medieval era or the BDSM lifestyle will find great pleasure in roaming through them.  Take time to enjoy the great attention to deal both he and his partner have put so much effort into.  Definitely a MUST SEE in your Virtuality travels.



Washago is owned by Piratelilly Topaz, a native German. As you can see, she’s done a beautiful medieval themed sim home to several of her own shops:
TOPAZ*design (houses & furniture)
Noelle’s Boutique
Shainaa’s Skins

La folle Isola

La folle Isola is owned by one of our many talented designers, Karin Becker. It is the home of Elas Fashion Main Store.

Woman and male wear, jewelry, boots, shoes. Complete outfits including Gothic, Wedding, Street-wear, Formal, Elegant, Fantasy & Medival.

Bonova 1 & 2

Two beautifully decorated regions filled with everything you could possibly need to enjoy a virtual life.  Animations, houses, home décor and more.  Stop by Bonova to see what you didn’t know you needed!!

Dulux Creations 1 & 2

Two beautiful regions filled with everything needed for your gardening, creating a tropical paradise and just wait till you see the Christmas décor Sissy Stormwind has created for you!!


Emerald Isle 1 & 2

Emerald Isle regions are owned by Shanti Infiniti. Both regions have been set up to give any new member a private place of their own for 30 days free of charge. All plots have a home, are fully furnished and have extra prims to make the home more to your liking.