Getting Started

Getting started in Virtuality can be overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with virtual worlds in general.  Here is where we will break it down for you step by step to make the process easy to understand.  Once you have gone through these steps and have logged into the grid, we have a full staff waiting to help you start your new journey.

Step #1 ~ Create your avatar (Click Here)

This is where you will choose your in world avatar name and appearance.  You MUST choose both a first and last name for your avatar or the system will not create your account.  Be creative, this will be your online personality and the name in which others in world will know you by.  We do ask that you not use your real life name.  Other names that are disabled by our system are anything vulgar or offensive in general, admin, virtuality & infiniti.

We have starter avatars which will log you into Virtuality with a pre-defined look.  These are only starters, once you are in world, you can change your appearance to anything you want, you do not have to continue using the starter avatar.  By choosing which starter avi you want will show you how you will look upon your first login to the grid.

Next, please use a valid email address.  This is to ensure you receive your confirmation email, which is required upon registering.  Once you are finished registering, an email will be sent to you to confirm you are human and not a bot.  Please click on the confirmation link in the email sent to you.  Please note:  gmail can sometimes take a little longer to receive your confirmation mail, be patient, it will arrive.  AOL has a bad habit of blocking these types of mail to your inbox, try not to use that mail service if you can avoid it.  Before submitting a ticket concerning not receiving your confirmation mail, please be sure to check your spam or junk folders.

Choosing a password is next and please note, staff members do NOT have access to that information.  Choose one you will remember but not one that can be easily accessed by anyone else.  Should you lose your password or forget it, it can be reset by clicking “Forgot your password?” on your avatar dashboard.

Once finished filling out all information on the registration page, click “Register”.  That is when you can look for your confirmation email in your email client.



Step #2 ~ Download a viewer (Click Here)

Two of the most used viewers for 3D virtual reality grids are Firestorm and Singularity.  We are not going to recommend either as that is solely up to each persons individual preferences.  Both work well in Virtuality though each has their own qualities that make them different.  If you are completely new to virtual reality, we suggest trying each to learn the differences so you will be able to make a well informed choice according to your preferences and how easily you are able to navigate through each program.  If you need help once you are logged in, any staff member can help you to learn the viewer and some basic things you will need to get around inside the grid.

Step #3 ~ Configuring your viewer (Click Here)

We’re not going to go into detail here, for specific configuration directions, please click the link above.  This is the last step to take before you are able to login to Virtuality.  The “Connect” page will tell you step by step how to add Virtuality to the viewer which will allow you to login.  That page also has accurate pictures to SHOW you as well.  If, during configuration, you have any questions, please click the chat icon located on the left hand side of any webpage.  We do have live chat available from 6 am to 6 pm PST.