Developed Land

These pre made regions were made by our very talented members, Leah Leirdrow, owner of World in 3D as well as LisaLotta Wunderlich.

Leah thought it would be nice for those who aren’t all that thrilled to look at a piece of flat land and “dig right in.”  So she decided to start a series of regions with landscaping and homes on them.  The regions have minimal prim usage so there is so much more you can add to them or even replace if you like.  Each region is done in a different theme and as more are created they will be added here for you to look at and choose which, if any, you prefer to have loaded onto your new land.

All of the OAR’s below are FREE to any Virtuality member who purchases a single (1 x 1) land region.  During the ordering process you will be asked which (if any) of the OAR’s you would like on your new land.

The old Lighthouse

Lost Paradise

Green Heaven