Our Grid….

There are a lot of opensim grids online these days, small ones, large ones and even mini-grids.  The services that each of these grids offer their members, well let’s face it, they are all relatively the same.  Some have upgraded code the owners have done themselves, some have added features, hoping to attract a larger member base.  Some have even tried to mimic the services of Second Life, though very few have come close.

So what makes Virtuality different?  Our grid & server setup………and our people.

Our servers are rated some of the best in opensim, 12 core, SSD Hard Drives.  Our core server also has a backup, should it ever go down, Virtuality will not miss a beat.  Our backup server will be able to take on the role of our core.  In addition, every region is backed up daily, saved in an offsite cloud storage server to ensure that all your hard work will be safe.  Our in world restarts work flawlessly, so no waiting for hours for a restart if staff is busy with other members in world.  Each avatar has their own personal dashboard which shows your profile, allows for partnerships, your friends list and those that are currently online and your wallet, which gives a detailed account of our in world currency transactions, when you spent your money, where it was spent, how much and what the money was spent on, in detail.  You may also purchase in world currency from this dashboard using paypal, which will then be instantly credited to your in world account after payment is complete.

Our People….

This is where our grid stands apart from every other grid online today.  The core of Virtuality is our staff AND most importantly our members.  The people that choose to login to our home and make it theirs.  They build and create but most of all, they help those who may need it.  The morality of our members is unequaled, anywhere.  They may have joined because of the upstanding qualities our staff possesses, they stay because their values match them.

Virtuality is about honesty, transparency, loyalty and the integration of those qualities with the love of virtual reality and the relaxing atmosphere we all long for.  Virtuality holds monthly community meetings to ensure all members know exactly what is happening with their grid and why.  These meetings are for everyone to ask pointed questions and get honest answers.  Suggestions are always asked for and listened to and any concerns you may have will always be addressed.

We are a community, in every sense of the word.  We are individuals who have come together to make a virtual home.  We work together to make that home beautiful, welcoming and friendly.  We are a community that welcomes all who cherish our values, regardless of your age, your financial status, your race or your life choices.  We don’t judge, we are all humans behind our computer screens and we all keep that in mind when dealing with others, whether they are close friends or complete strangers.  We know that just because you are a stranger to us today doesn’t mean you won’t be our closest friend tomorrow.

Welcome to Virtuality!!