Virtuality......Infinite Possibilities

New virtual reality grid, new friends, new opportunities, new community.....we are that and so much more!   

Come discover the feel of a true community atmosphere, where each member works toward a common goal, to better their home and community.  From the minute you first login you will understand why Virtuality is unparalleled with it's genuine attitude towards each of it's members in regards to your safety, security and any customer service issues that may arise.  Our staff, with a combined experience in VR of over two decades, will do what we need to in order to give you the BEST possible experience in Virtuality. 

Security and Stability.....

We believe in creating the best environment possible for our members here in Virtuality.  Your security is top priority to us.  No RL (Real Life) information is asked of you during the registration process.  This is to ensure that if you do NOT want your identity known, it won't be.  Rest assured, we will NEVER share any information you use to register with us with any 3rd parties.  As well as your security, we also believe that the BEST Virtual Worlds are stable.  This means regularly scheduled restarts and backups.  Our core server, dedicated, is well equipped to handle the huge amount of assets you need to make your virtual home all that you want it to be.  This was upgraded before our opening so as not to interrupt your down time from real life.  Our region servers are cloud based, providing you with enough room to grow as your horizons expand while not sacrificing core functions, such as quick, free, uploads, seamless teleports and faster rezzing time than many other grids out there.

Create a New You.....

Or don't, the choice is completely up to you.  Create an avatar in your image or go in a completely different direction.  Once you login, your only limitation is your own personal imagination for your avatar.  Be a human, male or female, a fairy, an animal of any sort, a neko (half human, half animal), or a furry.  The choice is yours to explore and have fun with.  After all, that's what virtual reality is all about, being who you want when you want for no other reason than it pleases you.

Getting Started.....

Creating your avatar in Virtuality is FAST and FREE.  For the registration process instructions please click HERE.  Once you've looked that over, click HERE TO REGISTER.  Be sure to choose both a First and Last name for your avatar.  Once you have finished the registration, you may log into Virtuality with your new avi and begin learning about our grid.  If you are new to virtual reality, there are INSTRUCTIONS HERE that will show you how to add Virtuality to your grid manager in the viewer of your choosing.  Once the grid is added into the grid manager you are able to login and begin your new adventure.

Build, Create, Sell or Share.....

In Virtuality create the business you've always dreamed of owning.  Love architecture?  Build it!   Do you love fashion?  Create it!  There is nothing you CAN'T do in Virtuality.  Don't know how?  That's ok.......learn how in our own Virtuality University (Coming Soon!).  Love music and making people happy with that?  Share that by becoming a DJ or a club owner.  The bottom line is, being true to yourself and what you enjoy the most will give others great satisfaction in enjoying your talents.  Virtuality looks forward to helping you develop those talents if you haven't already done so!  So come on in and find out what your Virtuality future holds!!




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